FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500.
FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500.
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Arroll Baths

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Arroll Baths epitomise a harmonious blend of timeless design and exceptional craftsmanship. Renowned for their dedication to quality, Arroll offers a diverse range of exquisite bathtubs, all made from premium cast iron, that not only promise durability but also deliver a superior bathing experience. Whether it's a classic claw foot bath that exudes vintage charm, a modern freestanding design that complements contemporary aesthetics such as slipper or boat baths. Arroll Baths cater to a wide spectrum of styles and preferences, offering the option for bespoke painting or coming in a primer as standard, enabling you to customise your bathtub to match your unique taste and bathroom decor.

For a perfect finishing touch, explore our collection page Arroll Bath Taps to find matching taps or browse our Bath Taps section for a wide variety of options to mix and match, ensuring every detail of your bathing oasis reflects your personal style and sophistication. Immerse yourself in a world of elegance, where every soak becomes an indulgent journey in your very own sanctuary of relaxation and beauty.