Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Medium Baths

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Elevate your bathroom with our exquisite range of medium baths, spanning from 1500mm to 1700mm, and showcasing offerings from renowned brands like ArrollHurlinghamCharlotte EdwardsTissino and BC Designs. Versatility meets style diversity in this collection, where you can choose from a range of materials including coppernickel, enamel, cast iron, acrylic and Cian, ensuring the perfect fit for your bathroom's aesthetics.

These medium baths come in various styles, including freestanding, slipper, boat baths, claw feet, and shower baths, offering a wide array of design options to suit your taste. Plus, the option to bespoke paint these baths allows you to create a truly customised masterpiece. Discover the perfect synergy of form, function, and personalisation, and transform your bathing space into a haven of luxury and sophistication.