FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500.
FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500.
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Single Ended Baths

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Immerse yourself in the epitome of relaxation with our meticulously curated collection of single-ended baths. Tailored for a truly indulgent solo bathing experience. These baths are defined by their distinctive tap hole, overflow, and waste arrangement at one end, offering unrivalled comfort and convenience. Designed with a sloped end for unwinding and optimal support as you recline. They also feature a steeper side ideal for showering, allowing you to get closer to the wall. While the opposite gently sloped edge ensures comfort during leisurely soaks.

Crafted from an array of quality materials including acrylic, copper, cast iron, and the innovative Cian material. Our collection of single-ended baths are backed by renowned brands like Arroll, Charlotte Edwards, Hurlingham and BC Designs and come in a variety of sizes and designs to effortlessly complement any bathroom space. Elevate your home with a worthwhile investment in comfort and elegance, transforming your daily bathing routine into an oasis of tranquility.