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Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator - 870mm Height

by Arroll
SKU RN-870-3-PRM

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Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator - 870mm Height

Step back in time and embrace the timeless elegance of the Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator. Made from the finest cast iron, this radiator pays homage to the exuberant spirit of the roaring 1920s, a decade that embraced Jazz, dance, and iconic fashion.

With a 10-year guarantee, you can trust in the quality and durability of the Arroll Art Deco Cast Iron Radiator. The wall-to-pipe centres of 110mm make installation a breeze, giving you more flexibility in choosing the ideal location for your radiator. It runs on central heating, making it a practical choice for modern living.


  • Integrated feet for easy installation and stability.
  • Central heating compatibility with a 10-year guarantee.
  • Durable cast iron construction for lasting performance.


Arroll offers an extensive array of custom finishes to ensure your cast iron radiator perfectly matches your the desired aesthetic for your space. Whether you're seeking a painted, aged, or polished look, Arroll has you covered.

With a team of highly experienced finishers and stringent quality control processes, Arroll guarantees that your cast iron radiator will be a stunning addition to your space.

To choose you desired finish, please select your preferred finish from the drop down menu above and please type within the text box any paint colour codes or special finish requirements.

Alternatively if at any point you have any questions or are unsure of anything you can contact us direct on 0141 291 5009 and speak to one of our experts.

Primer Finish

A primer finish applied to cast iron radiators plays a crucial role as a protective base coat during the manufacturing process. A primer finish is not intended to be the final coating but rather serves as the fundamental layer upon which additional paint can adhere effectively.

Ensuring compatibility with water-based paints this can be achieved by using the recommended primer as suggested by the paint manufacturer and Arroll's expert finishing team.

Occasionally, there may be instances where a primed radiator might develop oxide (rust) when exposed to air or moisture. This situation typically arises because the radiator only has a preliminary thin coat of primer and lacks the protective sealing provided by an appropriate metal paint.

Although it's not a common practice, some individuals opt to leave radiators in their primer finishes even after installation. As a standard feature, Arroll radiators are supplied with a black primer finish, giving you the option to maintain this look if desired.

Arroll Radiator Dark Primer ImageArroll Radiator Light Primer Image

Painted Finishes

Arroll offers a versatile solution for enhancing your cast iron radiator's appearance, providing a wide range of customization options using specialist paints known for their durability and UV resistance. You have the freedom to personalize your radiator in nearly any style that suits your preferences.

Arroll has accumulated a selection of the most popular colours requested. Please view the most popular Signature Factory Colours, these colour tones represent the most sought-after shades that seamlessly complement various interior spaces. Gloss serves as the standard finish, you may opt for a Satin finish upon request.

For those seeking a truly distinctive look, Arroll provides a unique opportunity at no additional cost. You can select any colour from the widely recognized RAL Colour Standard, a commonly used classification in the realms of architectural and industrial painting.

Additionally, Arroll accommodates your desire for a colour match to renowned paint brands such as Farrow & Ball or Little Greene. Rest assured that their colour matching process strives to be as faithful as possible to the original shade ensuring a truly unique customized finish.

Choose your colour code from RAL / Farrow & Ball or Little Greene website or in-store.

Please type within the text box above any colour code requirement, our team will be in touch to confirm your colour code.

RAL Colours

Arroll has accumulated a selection of the most popular colours. We provide you the capability to apply any desired colour using our specially formulated, durable, and UV-resistant paints, choose from here are some of our most popular below.



RAL Metallic Colours

Metallic Colours are a popular choice, and there are a wide range of metallic finishes to choose from here are some of our most popular below.




Farrow & Ball or Little Greene Colours

The Farrow & Ball and Little Greene's range is a perennial favourite, often sought after for there timeless inspiration by home renovators who are looking to elevate their home projects. Transform your home with the elegance and history of Farrow & Ball's or Little Greene's exquisite palette! Below are a selection of Arroll's most popular Farrow and Ball colours.


F&B Estate Eggshell or Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell is the standard finish, but we are also able to supply a Full Matt, Full Gloss, or 20% Gloss available upon request. We do advise ordering a colour swatch to ensure accuracy, as monitor displays may vary.



Specialised Finishes

Arroll's in house team of highly skilled metal polishers and detailers are dedicated to their craft. They expertly polish every section, enhancing raised or ornate features with a variety of colors. Whether you seek an aged effect or a highlight burnish finish, discover our options below.

RAL Colour Aged

When used on intricately designed radiators, it really enhances the patterns and details. While it's most pronounced on ornate or patterned radiators, it still imparts a subtle yet stylish effect on simpler, plainer styles.

The final result is achieved by allowing the base coat to dry thoroughly, a secondary colour is applied over it. During this phase, two coats of paint are delicately removed from specific areas while the paint is still wet, creating a two-tone effect. The outcome showcases the dominant presence of the base colour, with deeper crevices highlighting hints of the secondary colour.



Highlighted Burnished Finishes

Arroll offer three burnish finishes, Black & Gold Burnish / Black & Silver Burnish / Black & Copper Burnish.

The Gold, Silver or Copper burnish is placed on any raised radiators areas with the base colour being black. This especially popular on any patterned radiators with any raised sections, such as the orante scroll work found on a Art Nouveau or Daisy, polished to a bright finish.

This distinctive finish is attained by initially assembling and painting the radiator. Subsequently, it proceeds to our grinding and fettling department, where we expertly enhance the pattern while maintaining the rest of the radiator in a striking black hue

This is then lacquered to preserve this effect without needing to oil/maintain it. The burnish highlights the raised sections with gold, siler or copper paint. Please see examples below:



Polished Finishes

Arroll has a dedicated highly trained team of metal polishers and detailers. From polishing each section to highlighting raised or ornate features in various colours, the Arroll team can really transform each radiator to give that Full Polish, Rustic Polish or Lacquered Natural Brass Finish please check them out below.

Full Polish

A polished finish means that rather than having a painted finish the radiator is polished back to bare metal. It is a clever way to add contrast to finely detailed radiators by accentuating raised sections with a brighter polish. 

Each section is sandblasted to remove any surface primers then fettled and individually hand polished by Arroll's experienced polishers. The radiator is then built, tested, and lacquered.

Arroll lacquer coat their polished radiators to prevent oxidisation. This means that it does not require regular oiling to maintain a rust free look.  However if rust spots do appear, light wire wool will remove the spots followed by touch-up lacquer available from Arroll on request. Polished finishes are not suitable for Humid atmospheres such as Bathrooms. It is also inadvisable to place wet or damp clothes on polished radiators.



Rustic Polish

For Arroll's Rustic Polish finish the radiators go through a meticulous process, including each section getting a black primer coating, then skilled fettling for a smooth surface, and hand polishing to a rustic finish by Arroll's experienced polishers. They are assembled, tested, and lacquered for protection, but rust spots may still appear due to cast iron's nature and varying environments. Keep in mind that polished finishes aren't ideal for humid spaces like bathrooms, and avoid placing wet clothes directly on them to maintain their appearance.



Lacquered Natural Brass

Lacqured Natural Brass is beautiful on ornate, school house or traditional radiator styles, this brass finish adds a little something extra. To give it an aged look, after the radiator is painted and dried, it is then overpainted in the darker colour.

While wet, 2 coats of paint are removed in specific areas to create a stunning two tone look. This unique finish is then sealed with a coat of lacquer to protect the paint and gives an impressive gloss finish. This is particularly effective on ornate radiators to emphasize the pattern, discover our options below.




Download: Specification

Sections SKU Code Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm) Pipe Centres (mm) BTU (T50) Watts
3 RN-870-03 870mm 289mm 220mm 379mm 1611 472
4 RN-870-04 870mm 374mm 220mm 464mm 2148 630
5 RN-870-05 870mm 459mm 220mm 549mm 2685 787
6 RN-870-06 870mm 544mm 220mm 634mm 3222 944
7 RN-870-07 870mm 629mm 220mm 719mm 3759 1102
8 RN-870-08 870mm 714mm 220mm 804mm 4296 1259
9 RN-870-09 870mm 799mm 220mm 889mm 4833 1416
10 RN-870-10 870mm 884mm 220mm 974mm 5370 1574
11 RN-870-11 870mm 969mm 220mm 1059mm 5907 1731
12 RN-870-12 870mm 1054mm 220mm 1144mm 6444 1889
13 RN-870-13 870mm 1139mm 220mm 1229mm 6981 2046
14 RN-870-14 870mm 1224mm 220mm 1314mm 7518 2203
15 RN-870-15 870mm 1309mm 220mm 1399mm 8055 2361
16 RN-870-16 870mm 1394mm 220mm 1484mm 8592 2518
17 RN-870-17 870mm 1479mm 220mm 1569mm 9129 2676
18 RN-870-18 870mm 1564mm 220mm 1654mm 9666 2833
19 RN-870-19 870mm 1649mm 220mm 1739mm 10203 2990
20 RN-870-20 870mm 1734mm 220mm 1824mm 10740 3148
21 RN-870-21 870mm 1819mm 220mm 1909mm 11277  3305
22 RN-870-22 870mm 1904mm 220mm 1994mm 11814 3462
23 RN-870-23 870mm 1989mm 220mm 2079mm 12351 3620
24 RN-870-24 870mm 2074mm 220mm 2164mm 12888 3777
25 RN-870-25 870mm 2159mm 220mm 2249mm 13425 3935


Compatible Valves

Please see our 'You May Need' section below for the valves compatible with this 

radiator and simply add to your order, or see all valves.


  • Leg Section Height 869 mm
  • Section Length 85mm
  • Middle Section Height 792 mm
  • Section Depth 220 mm
  • Bottom Inlet To Floor 120 mm
  • Top Inlet To Floor 820 mm
  • Pipe Centres To Skirt 110 mm


  • Empty weight per leg section 14.8 KG
  • Empty weight per middle section 13.9 KG
  • Filled weight per leg section 18.4 KG
  • Filled weight per middle section 17.5 KG
  • Volume per leg section 3.6 L
  • Volume per middle section 3.6 L

Radiator Sizes and Output (Per Section)

Single Section Height   869mm  
Single Section Width 85mm
Single Section Depth 220mm
BTU ∆T 50˚C 537
Watts ∆T 50˚C 157
BTU ∆T 60˚C                678
Watts ∆T 60˚C  198
BTU ∆T 30˚C  287
Watts ∆T 30˚C  83


The Art Deco is available up to 14 sections wide (approx 1.2m).  This will be assembled, painted, and fully tested in their UK factory and will come with a 10 year manufacturer's guarantee.  

It can be made any length within reason but it is shipped part assembled. We can supply a radiator tool for £100 but we cannot test the radiator so no manufactures guarantee can be offered and we cannot take responsibility for any damage to the paintwork during assembly. 

Touch Up paint is supplied free of charge as standard.  Please call us with any special requests.

*All dimensions are approximate to allow for manufacturing tolerances. Please take this into consideration when planning for your purchase. The Urban Bathhouse recommend that customers do not install their pipes until their radiator arrives.  

    Delivery & Returns


    • All Arroll Radiators are subject to a Standard UK Delivery Fee of £79.
    • 3-7 Days Delivery on most items, subject to stock availability.
    • Bespoke painted orders or special finishes may take up to 4-5 weeks.
    • Please contact us to check lead times, before placing your order.
    • Date & Time Delivery as standard, our courier partners will agree with you a specific date and time so you will happily receive your bath, convenient to you.
    • When receiving larger items such as a bath, we recommend at least 2 able bodied persons, to carry the bath inside.
    • Please visit our Deliver & Returns page for further details.


    • Arroll radiators cannot be returned or refunded once purchased.
    • Arroll will only accept a return if the bath or radiator is damaged, this includes any standard complimentary wall stays & bleeder valves.
    • In the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, please email info@theurbanbathhouse.com to discuss how to return goods.
    • We have a 14 day returns policy on all items apart from Arroll products, providing the item is in the same condition received; unused and in original packaging.
    • All Bespoke or custom specification orders should be cancelled with 48 hours. If orders are cancelled after 48 hours, you may be subject to a £15 charge.
    • Bespoke or custom specification orders cannot be cancelled or refunded once production has begun.
    • Delivery charges are non-refundable, re-stocking fees may apply
    • Please visit our Delivery & Returns page for further information.



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