Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Bateau Boat Baths

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Discover the epitome of relaxation with Bateau Baths, also known as boat baths, offering meticulously crafted bathtubs that are true works of art from renowned brands such as ArrollHurlinghamCharlotte Edwards, and BC Designs.

These exquisite tubs come in a variety of luxurious materials, including copper and nickel, with the option for bespoke paint finishes, as well as choices like Enamelacryliccast iron, and the innovative Cian material. Each tub is a blend of timeless design and modern comfort, reminiscent of bygone elegance while catering to contemporary needs. Whether you seek a moment of calm after a long day or a rejuvenating escape, Bateau Baths provides the perfect oasis, where every bath is an invitation to unparalleled tranquility and indulgence.