Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Cast Iron Baths

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Elevate your bathing experience to the pinnacle of luxury with our cast iron baths collection. These iconic fixtures are a testament to the perfect fusion of form and function, meticulously crafted with an enduring focus on durability. The substantial weight and sturdiness of cast iron guarantee stability and exceptional heat retention, offering you an indulgent soak that rejuvenates both body and spirit. Explore the range of Cast Iron baths which comes in broad range of styles  from slipper, boat bath, roll top and can be bespoke painted to suit your unique taste, ensuring your relaxation is as unique as you are. 

Whether you prefer the classic clawfoot design to evoke a vintage-inspired bathroom or a sleek, modern silhouette that complements contemporary aesthetics, our cast iron bathtubs from Arroll and Hurlingham seamlessly harmonise with diverse interior styles. To complete your bathroom with a cohesive touch, explore our bath taps, providing opportunities for mixing and matching styles. And for the perfect finishing flourish, consider adding a matching cast iron basin, ensuring your bathing space is adorned with a harmonious and luxurious touch of elegance