Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Copper Baths

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Elevate your bathing experience with copper bathtubs from esteemed brands Hurlingham and  BC Designs. These meticulously crafted baths, available in boat bath or slipper styles, radiate opulence and craftsmanship. With a choice of materials including copper, copper-nickel, enamel, and options for antique styles or bespoke paint finishes, these bathtubs offer a world of customisation to suit your unique taste.

The natural heat retention of copper ensures every soak is soothing and sumptuous, inviting you to unwind in unparalleled style. Immerse yourself in the rich patina and unmatched quality of these renowned brands, transforming every bath into a truly indulgent journey. For a fully coordinated bathroom experience, explore our selection of bath taps and shower mixers, and if you're in search of a matching basin, please navigate to our copper basins collection page to complete your opulent bathroom ensemble.