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Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Cast Iron Radiators

Discover our huge range of Cast Iron Radiators for SaleCarron Daisy Cast Iron Radiator, in a living room

Are you tired of bland, generic heating systems that fails to make a statement in your home?

Do you find yourself wishing you bought a radiator in summer before the onset of those colder winter months?

Wishing for a heating solution that not only keeps you warm but also adds character to your living spaces?

Trying to find the perfect balance between functional radiator with correct heat output and also the vintage radiator style you’re looking for can be a constant struggle.

You've likely encountered radiators that are either too bulky and unsightly or simply don't provide the level of warmth you need.

Sacrificing the aesthetic appeal of your home just to stay warm and comfortable in those winter months is a compromise no one should have to make.

Experience the timeless style with unmatched performance of cast iron radiators. These stunning heating solutions not only provide exceptional warmth, but they also serve as a captivating centrepiece in any room.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail from brands such as Carron Radiators and Arroll Radiators, each cast iron radiator boasts a an aesthetic that effortlessly blends traditional charm with modern functionality.

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So what are the Key Features of Cast Iron Radiators?

✅ Uncompromising Quality and Durability with Cast Iron Radiators

Investing in a cast iron radiator is more than just a heating choice – it's a commitment to quality that will last for generations. Renowned for their exceptional build quality and longevity, these radiators are engineered to withstand the test of time.

✅ Cast Iron offers exceptional Heat Retention

Cast iron radiators are renowned for their exceptional heat retention properties. The dense, heavy material absorbs and stores heat efficiently, gradually releasing it into the room for consistent, long-lasting warmth. This means you can enjoy a cosy, comfortable environment without constantly adjusting your heating.

Oh wait there's more.....

✅ Efficient Heat Distribution with Cast Iron Radiators

The unique design of cast iron radiators ensures an even, uniform distribution of warmth throughout the room. Unlike traditional radiators that can create hot and cold spots, cast iron radiators circulate heat evenly.

✅ Cast Iron is Environmentally Friendly and Energy-Efficient

Embracing the natural thermal properties of cast iron, these radiators are inherently energy-efficient, helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs. Their exceptional heat retention and even heat distribution ensure you can achieve optimal warmth with minimal energy consumption, making them a sustainable and cost-effective heating solution.

Choosing the right Cast Iron Radiator for your needs

Discover our huge range on offer today by browsing below to find the perfect cast iron radiator for your needs.

You'll need to know what the required BTU output is for the room you’re looking to heat.

We have link to a free BTU calculator for you to calculate your BTU output.

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white cast iron radiators within a bay window with a green garden view outside and wooden floors

Expert Cast Iron Radiator Advice and Support

Do you have questions or need help in choosing the right Cast Iron Radiator for your needs? Our team of experts is on hand to help!

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Email: info@theurbanbathhouse.com

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Cast Iron Radiator - Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

How efficient are Cast Iron Radiators?

Cast iron radiators are renowned for their exceptional energy efficiency. The dense, heavy-duty construction of cast iron allows it to absorb and retain heat exceptionally well, ensuring a steady and consistent release of warmth into your living space. This efficient heat transfer means you can enjoy cosy comfort while keeping your energy bills in check, making cast iron radiators a smart and cost-effective heating solution.

Why Should I choose a Cast Iron Radiator?

Investing in a cast iron radiator is a decision that offers a wealth of benefits. Beyond their undeniable charm and character, these heating solutions are renowned for their exceptional thermal efficiency, ensuring even and long-lasting warmth throughout your living spaces. Cast iron's exceptional heat-retaining properties make it a superior choice for those seeking reliable and cost-effective heating, while its durable cast iron construction promises years of dependable performance. Whether you're drawn to the vintage appeal or the practical advantages, a cast iron radiator is a wise and worthwhile addition to any home.

Can Cast Iron Radiators be used on Modern Heating Systems?

Absolutely! Cast iron radiators are highly adaptable and can be seamlessly integrated into both traditional and modern heating systems. Their durable construction and compatibility with a variety of valves and fittings make them a versatile choice for homes with updated central heating setups. Whether you have a new boiler or an older system, cast iron radiators can provide reliable and effective heating to suit your needs.

How long will a Cast Iron Radiator Last?

One of the key advantages of cast iron radiators is their remarkable longevity. Crafted from heavy-duty, high-quality materials, these heating solutions are built to withstand the test of time. With proper care and maintenance, a well-made cast iron radiator can easily last for decades, providing reliable warmth and comfort long into the future. In fact, many cast iron radiators installed in historic homes and buildings continue to function flawlessly today, testament to their exceptional durability and timeless design.

Why should I buy a Cast Iron Radiator from The Urban Bathhouse?

At The Urban Bathhouse, we take pride in offering a carefully curated selection of high-quality cast iron radiators that are built to last and designed to impress. Our radiators are sourced from trusted manufacturers who share our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship and customer satisfaction. When you choose a cast iron radiator from The Urban Bathhouse, you can be confident that you're investing in a radiator that will not only keep your home cosy and warm but also enhance its timeless, elegant aesthetic. With our expert guidance and outstanding customer service, we'll ensure your cast iron radiator purchase is a seamless and rewarding experience.

Are Column Radiators the same as Cast Iron Radiators?

While column radiators and cast iron radiators share some similarities in their aesthetic and functionality. Column radiators are often made from steel or aluminium. Whilst we do have various Cast Iron Column Radiators available such as 2, 4, 9 and 9 column cast iron radiators. Cast Iron Column radiators are typically characterised by their dense, heavy-duty construction and classic, timeless appearance. Both can be excellent choices for heating your home, but cast iron radiators offer the added benefits of superior heat retention, unparalleled durability, and a truly unique, vintage-inspired charm.

What Radiator Valves can I use on my Cast Iron Radiator?

The Cast iron radiators on offer at The Urban Bathhouse are designed to be compatible with a wide range of radiator valves, ensuring you have the flexibility to choose the perfect style and functionality to suit your needs. Traditional manual valves, modern thermostatic valves, and even smart, app-controlled valves can all be used with cast iron radiators for sale on our website, allowing you to customise your heating system for optimal comfort and efficiency. Our team of experts can provide guidance on the best valve options to complement your cast iron radiators and your home's heating requirements.

Are Cast Iron Radiators easy to install?

Installing cast iron radiators is a straightforward process, especially when compared to some modern heating solutions. Thanks to their modular design and standard connections, cast iron radiators can be easily fitted by experienced DIYers or professional heating engineers. The process typically involves securing the radiator to the wall, connecting the pipework, and ensuring the system is properly bled and pressurised. With the right tools and a little know-how, you can have your cast iron radiators up and running in no time.

What maintenance is required on Cast Iron Radiators?

Maintaining the appearance of your cast iron radiators is a breeze. Regular light dusting and an occasional wipe-down with a damp cloth is typically all that's needed to keep them looking their best. For more stubborn dust, a very mild detergent solution can be used. Just be sure to check with the paint manufactures instructions on the correct cleaning agents and detergents that can be used on the paint.

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