Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Carron Wilsford Cast Iron Towel Radiator


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  • In need of a warm cosy hug after a long day? Introducing the Carron Wilsford Towel Radiator, no more cold towels after your long bath.

    Carron Wilsford Towel Radiator - Overview

    After a long, tiring day, you deserve to indulge in a moment of comfort and relaxation. However, stepping out of the bath or shower into a cold room can quickly dampen that sense of tranquillity. This is where the Carron Wilsford Towel Radiator can be a welcome change to those unsatisfying cold towels.

    Bid farewell to the unsettling chill that disrupts your self-care routine and hinders your ability to fully unwind. Wrapping yourself in the gentle embrace of a soft, warm towel. This simple act of self-care can transport you to a state of pure comfort and relaxation,

    The Carron Wilsford Heated Towel Rail Radiator provides the perfect solution. With dual fuel compatibility and customisable colour options allowing you to seamlessly integrate this heating system into your bathroom, ensuring your towels are always toasty and ready when you need them most.

    carron wilsford towel radiator with copper rail front facing

    Carron Wilsford Towel Rail - features

    • Can be painted in any colour of your choice - Discover our extensive range of over 10,000 custom painted finishes, perfectly complementing your interior style.
    • 5 Year Guarantee - Constructed from durable cast iron, this radiator is designed to endure the test of time. With a 5 year guarantee, you can rely on long-lasting functionality and assurance.
    • Chrome or Copper Radiator Rail - Featuring a chrome or copper rail, this towel radiator complements both traditional and modern bathroom interiors.
    wilsford radiator painted integral with foundry grey with chrome rail right side profile

    Crafted with style and functionality in mind, our Carron Wilsford heated towel rail come in sleek chrome or elegant copper finishes, complementing any bathroom interior.

    Thousands of satisfied customers have enhanced their daily routine with a touch of luxury and indulgence.

    Don't settle for a cold, unrelaxing towel. You deserve better. Upgrade your bathroom with the Carron Wilsford Cast Iron Towel Radiator and elevate your self-care experience. Simply click 'Buy Now' at the top of this page and enjoy the ultimate comfort and convenience.

    Carron Wilsford Towel Rail - specification

    SKU Code TOW109
    A - Height (mm) 975 mm
    B - Width (mm) 675 mm
    C - Pipe Centre Height (mm) 105 mm
    D - Pipe Centre (mm) 528 mm
    E - Rail Depth (mm) 250 mm
    F - Depth (mm) 100 mm
    BTU @ T50 Degrees 1776
    Watts @ T50 Degrees 520
    BTU @ T60 Degrees 2250
    Watts @ T60 Degrees 659
    carron wilsford radiator line drawing measurements

    Carron Radiators - Bespoke Finishes

    Carron Radiators offer an extensive array of custom finishes to ensure your cast iron radiator perfectly matches your the desired aesthetic for your space. Whether you're seeking a painted, aged, or polished look, Carron Radiators has you covered.

    With a team of highly experienced finishers and stringent quality control processes, Carron guarantees that your cast iron radiator will be a stunning addition to your space.

    To choose you desired finish, please select your preferred finish from the drop down menu above and please type within the text box any paint colour codes or special finish requirements.

    Alternatively if at any point you have any questions or are unsure of anything you can contact us direct on 0141 291 5009 and speak to one of our experts.

    Primer Finish (click to see finishes)

    The primer finish applied to a Carron Cast Iron Radiator plays a crucial role as a protective base coat during the manufacturing process. A primer layer is not intended to be the final finish but rather serves as the fundamental protective layer, providing a good surface where additional paint can adhere effectively, and protects the radiator from oxidisation.

    Although it's not a common practice you can leave radiators in their primer finish even after installation. As a standard feature, Carron radiators are supplied with a neutral primer (as pictured), giving you the option to maintain this look if desired.

    Painted Finishes (click to see finishes)

    Carron offers a versatile solution for enhancing your cast iron radiator's appearance, with an onsite paint and spray shop Carron can finish any radiator from a choice of over 10,000 paints and offer an expert colour matching service, providing a wide range of customisation options using specialist paints known for their quality, durability and UV resistance.

    Please type within the text box above any colour code requirement, our team will be in touch to confirm your colour code.

    Carron Traditional Colours

    Carron Radiators has accumulated a selection of the most popular Traditional Colours requested, please see below (please note these finishes can be achieved on any radiator style, not just the example style shown). These colour tones represent the most sought-after shades that seamlessly complement various interior spaces. Finishes include satin, semi-gloss or full gloss, simply inform our team your request.


    Roberson Metallic Colours

    Roberson Metallic Colours are a popular choice, and there are a wide range of metallic finishes to choose from here are some of our most popular below.



    Farrow & Ball or Little Greene Colours

    Carron accommodates your desire for a colour match to renowned paint brands such as Farrow & Ball or Little Greene. Rest assured that their colour matching process strives to be as faithful as possible to the original shade ensuring a truly unique customized finish.

    The Farrow & Ball and Little Greene's range is a perennial favourite, often sought after for there timeless inspiration by home renovators who are looking to elevate their home projects. Transform your home with the elegance and history of Farrow & Ball's or Little Greene's exquisite palette! Below are a selection of Carron's most popular Farrow and Ball colours.

    Choose your colour code from RAL / Farrow & Ball or Little Greene website or in-store.


    F&B Estate Eggshell or Little Greene Intelligent Eggshell is the standard finish, but we are also able to supply a Full Matt, Full Gloss, or 20% Gloss available upon request. We do advise ordering a colour swatch to ensure accuracy, as monitor displays may vary.



    RAL Colours

    Carron also provides you with the unique opportunity to select any colour from the widely recognized RAL Colour Standard, a commonly used classification in the realms of architectural and industrial painting. We provide you the capability to apply any desired colour using our specially formulated, durable, and UV-resistant paints. Choose from some of our most popular below.



    Specialised Finishes (click to see finishes)

    Carron's in house team of highly skilled metal polishers and detailers are dedicated to their craft. They expertly polish every section, enhancing raised or ornate features with a variety of colors. Whether you seek an aged effect or a highlight burnish finish, discover our options below.

    Bare Metal

    Bare Metal as it name suggests is a finish that leaves all manufacturing marks such as Casting Chaplets and little abrasions, giving a beautifully industrial, yet aesthetically pleasing look. Impressively, these radiators are also finished with a protective lacquer top coat to guarantee that they will stay in optimal condition for years to come.


    Antiqued Patina Finishes

    When used on intricately designed radiators, Antiqued Patina really enhances the patterns and details. While it's most pronounced on ornate or patterned radiators, it still imparts a subtle yet stylish effect on simpler, plainer styles.

    The final result is achieved by allowing the base coat to dry thoroughly, a secondary colour is applied over it. During this phase, two coats of paint are delicately removed from specific areas while the paint is still wet, creating a two-tone effect. The outcome showcases the dominant presence of the base colour, with deeper crevices highlighting hints of the secondary colour.



    Highlighted Polished Finishes

    A highlighted polished radiator undergoes a meticulous transformation process, beginning with the application of your chosen paint color. In the case of a highlight polish, black is typically selected due to its striking impact after polishing.

    Following the painting stage, our skilled craftsmen delicately hand-polish the elevated features of your radiator using a fine abrasive wheel. This labor-intensive technique results in a truly worthwhile process. The highlight polish accentuates the raised details of your radiator wonderfully and creates a beautifully authentic aged look and feel.

    This distinctive finish is attained by initially assembling and painting the radiator. Subsequently, it proceeds to our grinding and fettling department, where we expertly enhance the pattern while maintaining the rest of the radiator in a striking black hue

    Please see examples below:



    Vintage Copper

    Carron Radiators Vintage Copper finish is first painted with a copper coloured base. A patina is then applied to give an aged look.

    When used on intricately designed radiators, Vintage Copper Finish really enhances the patterns and details. While it's most pronounced on ornate or patterned radiators, it still imparts a subtle yet stylish effect on simpler, plainer styles.

    Polished Finishes (click to see finishes)

    Carron has a dedicated highly trained team of metal polishers and detailers. From polishing each section to highlighting raised or ornate features in various colours, the Carron team can really transform each radiator wheteher you want a Hand Burnished Polish or Satin Polish, Carron has got you covered. Please check them out below.

    POLISHED - Hand Burnished

    A polished finish means that rather than having a painted finish the radiator is polished back to bare metal, achieved using a high degree of polishing using fine ceramic abrasives. The radiator is then buffed with a stitched polishing mop. It is a clever way to add contrast to finely detailed radiators by accentuating raised sections with a brighter polish.

    It's a time consuming, labour intensive process. Each section is sandblasted to remove any surface primers then fettled and individually hand polished by Carron's experienced polishers, this produces a finish which is bursting with character. It's the sort of finish that will make your decorative radiator the centrepiece of a room.

    Carron can lacquer coat their polished radiators to prevent oxidisation. This means that it does not require regular oiling to maintain a rust free look.  However if rust spots do appear, light wire wool will remove the spots followed by touch-up lacquer available from Carron on request. Polished finishes are not suitable for Humid atmospheres such as Bathrooms. It is also inadvisable to place wet or damp clothes on polished radiators.



    POLISHED - Satin Polished

    For Carron's Satin Polished finish the radiators go through a meticulous process, as with the hand burnished finish, a satin polished radiator also undergoes a ceramic abrasive process. However, with a satin polish finish, the final polishing process is changed to give a subtle sheen rather than a hand polished look this satin finish produces a wonderful antiquated quality.

    As with a hand burnished finish, a satin polished radiator can be lacquered which will ensure no further maintenance is required, but rust spots may still appear due to cast iron's nature and varying environments. Keep in mind that polished finishes aren't ideal for humid spaces like bathrooms, and avoid placing wet clothes directly on them to maintain their appearance. 



    Carron Wilsford Radiator Manual

    carron radiators approved by the guild of master craftsmen

    The Guild of Master Craftsmen

    Carron Radiators have earned a solid reputation for their craftsmanship in manufacturing cast iron radiators being recognized by The Guild of Master Craftsmen. Carron Radiators have been carefully-vetted following a rigorous process which offers quality assurance and peace of mind.

    carron radiators with free UK delivery throughout the UK

    5-10 Day FREE Delivery

    Whether renovating a period property in the Cotswolds or a townhouse in London. We offer FREE UK Mainland Kerbside Delivery on radiator orders over £500. Usually we aim to deliver your radiator within 5-10 working days.

    carron radiators hand assembled by master craftsmen in the UK

    Handcrafted in the UK

    Carron Radiators has been building radiators in Lincolnshire, UK for over 20 years. They have a rich history and the products that they handcraft carry a sense of tradition, quality, local pride and embody a unique blend of heritage and innovation.

    What's Included with Carron Radiators?

    5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Quality is assured with a rigorous 60-step quality assurance process accredited by ISO9001.

    Members of The Guild of Master Craftsmen - Peace of mind if offered knowing Carron Radiators are accredited by such a prestigious guild.

    FREE UK Pallet Delivery - 5-10 Working Day Delivery throughout the UK is FREE. T's & C's apply.

    Traditional & Modern Designs - with over 50 different styles, there's a radiator for every room.

    Hand-built in the UK - Each radiator is handcrafted in Lincolnshire, UK

    First Class Service - every step of the way from choosing your radiator style to your end finish.

    Carron Radiators - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    How long will my Carron Radiator take to arrive?

    Your radiator will be with you within 5-10 working days.

    How Heavy is the Cast Iron Radiator I Ordered?

    Once ordered, if you contact us and we will be able to inform you the exact weight of your radiator with reference to how many sections / the length of your radiator.

    What is The Guild of Master Craftsmen?

    The Guild of Master Craftsmen is the UK's most established trade association. Representing businesses, artisans & tradespeople who have skill, integrity and expertise in their field of craft or engineering. Vetted by rigorous set of criteria to become an official member.

    Are cast iron towel radiators suitable for modern heating systems?

    Yes, cast iron towel radiators can be integrated into modern heating systems, including those powered by boilers or renewable energy sources.

    Is it actual Farrow & Ball paint you use on my Radiator?

    No, we use a speciality paint used for the high temperature of radiators and high humidity of Bathrooms, then colour match to your chosen paint colour. This ensure durability and longevity and rest assured, it will be the same colour you chose.

    What Bespoke Colour Options are there?

    You can choose from over 10,000 colours with our on site paint and spray workshop. Choose from renowned paint brands such as Farrow & Ball, Little Greene or Roberson Liquid Metal.

    Where can I find your Bespoke Finish Options?

    If you scroll up the page, they are in the tab next to 'Description' named 'Bespoke Finishes' make sure you click on 'Bespoke Finishes'. All the bespoke finishes are in the drop downs within this section.

    Do Carron cast iron radiators require any special maintenance?

    While cast iron radiators are durable, they may require occasional maintenance to ensure optimal performance. This can include bleeding the radiators to remove air bubbles or cleaning any debris from the exterior.

    How long will my Carron Radiator last?

    With proper maintenance, Carron cast iron radiators can last for several decades, hence the Lifetime Guarantee often outlasting other types of heating systems. Their durable construction makes them resistant to corrosion and wear/tear.

    Are Carron Radiators energy-efficient?

    Carron cast iron radiators are known for their efficiency in retaining heat, even after the heating system has been turned off. This means they can continue to provide warmth without the need for constant energy consumption.

    Are Carron Radiators easy to install?

    Installing cast iron radiators can be more labor-intensive compared to modern radiators due to their weight and plumbing connection. However, many homeowners find the classic aesthetic and long-term benefits worth the effort. You will require 2-3 able bodies to help carry your radiator inside and then a qualified tradesperson to connect your radiator to your heating system.

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