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Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Arroll Edwardian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator - 1040mm Height

by Arroll
SKU RE-1040/2-3-PRM

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Arroll Edwardian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator - 1040mm Height

Step into a realm where space becomes a cherished treasure, and behold the Arroll Edwardian 2 Column Cast Iron Radiator, a true epitome of elegance and efficiency. Crafted from robust cast iron, this heating appliance promises unmatched durability and longevity, making it a lifelong investment in your home's comfort and style.

Standing at a graceful 1040mm in height, this radiator is not merely a heating solution; it's a statement piece that effortlessly blends timeless design with contemporary utility. It comes with a reliable 10-year guarantee, providing you with assurance and trust in your investment.


  • Suitable for central heating systems.
  • 89mm depth for space-efficient installation.
  • Equipped with integral feet for stability.
  • Slimline design ideal for hallways and small spaces.
  • Precision with a 4% +/- tolerance on measurements.


Arroll offers an extensive array of custom finishes to ensure your cast iron radiator perfectly matches your the desired aesthetic for your space. Whether you're seeking a painted, aged, or polished look, Arroll has you covered.

With a team of highly experienced finishers and stringent quality control processes, Arroll guarantees that your cast iron radiator will be a stunning addition to your space.

To choose you desired finish, please select your preferred finish from the drop down menu above and please type within the text box any paint colour codes or special finish requirements.

Alternatively if at any point you have any questions or are unsure of anything you can contact us direct on 0141 291 5009 and speak to one of our experts.

Primer Finish

A primer finish applied to cast iron radiators plays a crucial role as a protective base coat during the manufacturing process. A primer finish is not intended to be the final coating but rather serves as the fundamental layer upon which additional paint can adhere effectively.

Ensuring compatibility with water-based paints this can be achieved by using the recommended primer as suggested by the paint manufacturer and Arroll's expert finishing team.

Occasionally, there may be instances where a primed radiator might develop oxide (rust) when exposed to air or moisture. This situation typically arises because the radiator only has a preliminary thin coat of primer and lacks the protective sealing provided by an appropriate metal paint.

Although it's not a common practice, some individuals opt to leave radiators in their primer finishes even after installation. As a standard feature, Arroll radiators are supplied with a black primer finish, giving you the option to maintain this look if desired.

Arroll Radiator Dark Primer ImageArroll Radiator Light Primer Image

Painted Finishes

Arroll offers a versatile solution for enhancing your cast iron radiator's appearance, providing a wide range of customization options using specialist paints known for their durability and UV resistance. You have the freedom to personalize your radiator in nearly any style that suits your preferences.

Arroll has accumulated a selection of the most popular colours requested. Please view the most popular Signature Factory Colours, these colour tones represent the most sought-after shades that seamlessly complement various interior spaces. Gloss serves as the standard finish, you may opt for a Satin finish upon request.

For those seeking a truly distinctive look, Arroll provides a unique opportunity at no additional cost. You can select any colour from the wid