Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
Enjoy FREE DELIVERY on most orders over £500!
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Merlyn 8 Series Frameless Pivot Shower Door


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  • Get ready to meet the Merlyn Series 8 Frameless Pivot Door, crafted for spaces with plenty of room to spare!

    Merlyn 8 Series Frameless Pivot Shower Door single, inward

    Say hello to the Merlyn Series 8 Frameless Pivot Door, your stylish shower companion!

    Standing tall at 1950mm, reducing the likelihood of water splashing onto the bathroom floor. With its sleek chrome double handle and clever cover caps, this door is all about seamless style and durability.

    And here's the cool part: it swings both ways! Yep, it opens inward and outward, making it super convenient for any bathroom layout.

    Plus, the Merlyn Series 8 Pivot Door are perfect for larger bathrooms where you don't have any obstructions getting in the way. They accommodate large openings for a grand entrance, particularly beneficial for individuals with mobility issues.

    Installation? Piece of cake! With its concealed fixings and reversible design, you'll have it up and running in no time. And guess what? It's wetroom compatible too, giving you even more flexibility to create your dream bathroom setup.

    So, whether you're stepping into a spacious shower or need a little extra accessibility, this pivot door has got your back. And don't worry about leaks—while it's designed to keep things dry, its easy-to-clean design means maintenance is a breeze.

    Don't wait! Click the 'Add To Cart' button now and look forward to receiving your very own Merlyn Series 8 Frameless Pivot Door in just a few days. Happy shopping!

    See why the Merlyn Series 8 Frameless Pivot Shower Door is Turning Heads with These Incredible Features

    Lifetime Guarantee 

    Feel confident with our lifetime guarantee, showcasing our trust in the quality and durability of the Merlyn Frameless Shower Enclosures.

    We promptly address any potential issues, so you and your family can enjoy the shower door for years without worrying about unexpected repair or replacement costs.

    Mershield Stayclear Glass Coating 

    Our Mershield Stayclear Glass Coating saves you time by keeping the glass shiny and new, minimising the need for tedious cleaning routines.

    Enjoy a consistently beautiful, low-maintenance bathroom experience, allowing you to spend more time on what matters most.

    8mm Glass Thickness 

    Experience peace of mind with our thicker glass, offering greater strength and breakage resistance for long-term use.

    Plus, elevate your bathroom's aesthetics with a luxurious touch and enhanced quality in your shower enclosure.

    For All Ages

    The Merlyn Series 8 Frameless ensures accessibility and safety for every member of your household, from children to elderly family members, thanks to its design inclusivity.

    This focus on inclusivity provides peace of mind and convenience, ensuring that the showering experience is enjoyable and stress-free for everyone.

    Beautifully Crafted Transparent Glass

    Expertly crafted transparent glass elevates your showering experience, inviting you into a luxurious space.

    With its clarity, the glass provides an unobstructed view of the shower space, lending a sense of openness and spaciousness to your bathroom.

    Easy to Clean

    The frameless sliding door is easy to clean thanks to its Mershield Stayclear easy clean protected glass, which resists stains and limescale build-up, minimising the need for rigorous cleaning.

    Additionally, its minimalist frameless design eliminates hard-to-reach areas and intricate details, making maintenance a breeze.

    And, There is More!


    Reversible Design 

    Experience the convenience of a reversible door, providing customisation to perfectly fit your bathroom layout and design preferences.

    With the flexibility to slide open from either side, regardless of your shower enclosure's position, enjoy enhanced accessibility and ease of use.


    Wetroom Compatible 

    Achieve creative freedom in layout and design, whether choosing a wetroom or shower enclosure.

    Seamlessly blend the shower area into your bathroom for a cohesive and effortless look.


    Frameless Design

    Frameless designs offer a clear and unobstructed view of the shower area, creating a sense of spaciousness and openness in your bathroom.

    This airy atmosphere enhances the overall ambiance of your space, making it feel more expansive and inviting.

    Merlyn Series 8 Frameless Fitting Instructions

    Merlyn Showers FAQs

    What is a pivot door shower?

    A pivot door shower operates on pivoting hinges, allowing the door to swing 180 degrees, both inward and outward.
    This design offers flexible access and a wider opening, ideal for larger bathrooms and accessible shower spaces.

    How much does it cost to install a pivot shower door?

    Installing Pivot Shower Doors Frameless in the UK generally ranges from £200 to £600, but costs vary based on size and material. Additional expenses may include modifications and contractor fees. It's advisable to obtain quotes from multiple contractors to get a more precise estimate tailored to your specific requirements.

    Do pivot shower doors leak?

    Pivot shower doors are designed to minimise leaks, but some water may escape through the hinge gaps. Proper installation and maintenance can help reduce this risk.

    Which way should a pivot shower door open?

    The direction a pivot shower door opens depends on the bathroom layout, fixture placement, and personal preference.
    The Pivot doors open in and out, offering you flexible installation. This feature allows for convenient entry and exit from the shower, accommodating various bathroom layouts and preferences

    Are pivot shower doors good?

    Yes, pivot shower doors are a popular choice for many bathrooms due to their convenient access, sleek design, and easy maintenance.
    They offer both inward and outward swinging options, making them suitable for spacious bathrooms and beneficial for individuals with mobility issues.

    What warranty does the Merlyn Shower Enclosure come with?

    The Merlyn Shower Enclosure comes with a lifetime warranty, showcasing the company's commitment to exceptional quality and customer satisfaction. This warranty guarantees that any issues will be promptly addressed, allowing customers to enjoy their shower enclosures worry-free for life.

    What is the delivery time for my Merlyn Shower?

    Our goal is to deliver your Merlyn Shower Unit promptly. Typically, delivery to mainland UK takes 1-2 days. However, depending on the distance from our warehouse, delivery times may extend up to 5 days.

    Where is the best place to install the Merlyn Shower Doors?

    For optimal results, install the Merlyn shower sliding door in a well-ventilated area. This helps reduce the risk of mold and mildew, enhancing your showering experience with improved hygiene and comfort.

    What is the Mershield Stayclear Protective Coating?

    Mershield Stayclear is a protective coating applied to Merlyn shower products. It helps keep the glass sparkling and reduces the need for frequent cleaning by preventing the buildup of lime scale and soap deposits.

    How do I clean Merlyn Shower Doors?

    To clean Merlyn Shower Doors effectively, follow these steps:

    • Daily Care: After each use, wipe down the glass and metal parts with a soft cloth to remove any water residue.

    • Weekly Routine: Once a week, give your shower some extra attention. Use a microfiber cloth with hot water to clean the glass. Wring the cloth out well and thoroughly wipe down the glass, ensuring it is completely dry. No cleaning products are necessary.

    • Regular Glass Cleaning: Clean the glass regularly with soapy water to prevent lime scale buildup. Avoid using abrasive products and strong household cleaners containing acid, as these can damage the surfaces.

    • Tray Maintenance: Regularly clean the tray with hot soapy water and a soft cloth or soft brush, then dry it off. Avoid using scourers, abrasives, chemical cleaners, or any products containing hydrochloric acid, as these can discolor the tray surface.

    • Follow Manufacturer's Instructions: Always refer to the packaging instructions for specific cleaning guidelines to ensure your shower doors remain sparkling and undamaged.
    Is it possible to order spare parts for Merlyn Showers?

    Certainly! Ordering Merlyn Showers Spare Parts is simple. Just reach out to us here, and remember to include your proof of purchase.

    Your chosen spare parts will be swiftly delivered to your home address within 3 to 5 business days for your convenience.

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